Folklore and Legends - Ireland


Tara, Navan, County Meath.

This is an ancient burial site famous as the capital of the high Kings of Ireland and a holy site for thousands of years.
Originally named Temair after a Princess Tea married an Irish King.
The Princess brought with her as a gift to the high Kings the Tuatha de Danann’s legendary Stone of Destiny, the Lia-Fail. Much spiritual power and strength dwells in this stone and it is on this that the King would sit at his coronation. If he is the rightful heir the stone roars beneath him. It was removed from Tara by Prince Fergus and taken to Iona, from there the Scottish King Kenneth MacAlpine carried it off to Scone.
But that was not the end of its travels; Edward the First then had it taken to Westminster Abbey in 1296 and built into the throne used for English coronations.
Near the centre of the main part of the site is the Fort of the Kings and on top of the high mound stands a stone which is called the Lia-Fail although this is not the original stone of the Tuatha de Dananns.

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