Folklore and Legends - Isle of Man

The Manx Fenoderee was banished from the Ferishey a small group of Manx Trouping faeires and deprived of his beauty because he missed the Autumn Equinox Festival to dance with a mortal girl in the Glen of Rushen. He was condemned to wear a hairy, ugly form until the day of judgement.

The Fenoderee has been known to help the islanders; in one case he moved some large stones for the building of a house at Snafield. They had been too heavy for the builders and had been left at the quarry while the men worked out how to move the stones.
The owner had been so grateful for the Fenoderee’s help that he had a special set of clothes made just for him and laid them where the Fenoderee could find them but giving gifts to the fae can be a tricky business as they often take offence.

“Cap for the head, alas poor head!
Coat for the back, alas poor back!
Breeches for the breech, alas poor breech!
If all these things be mine, mine cannot be the merry Glen of Rushen!”

He said this frowning sadly and then disappeared.

It is possible to call him back with special incantations and charms but caution is needed as he can be malicious at times.

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