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Faeries and Folklore of the British Isles

by Elizabeth Andrews


The British Isles has a wealth of folklore concerning mankind and his dealings with Faeries and the Faerie realm that date back to a time before the Celts. Our Ancestors were brought up on tales of sprites and pixies and a whole host of mythical creatures; it was part of their everyday life. In this lavishly illustrated book, Elizabeth Andrews takes the reader to faerie sites around the British Isles, and gives local stories featuring a host of strange and wonderful characters from folklore. The book is divided into counties with a map for each section indicating the areas where Faeries are most likely to be found or have been spotted in the past. Written like a modern-day traveller's guide, it is packed with useful information about the different types of Faeries that can be found and also their customs and habits, including their relationship with the natural world and mankind. It is an invaluable guide for all those people who are still looking for Faeries at the bottom of their gardens.