The Mice of Horsehill Farm: The Whales Tooth

The third in the series (Kindle edition)

Deep in a small wooded valley lies an old farm, a small bubbling stream flows past the old buildings, its banks lined with young hazel and willow trees, and in the summer the farm is surrounded by a sea of flowers and wild garlic. The small mouse family of Spillers, Teasel and their five children, Fullers, Marigold, Stickers, Twinkle and little Jersey live in the crumbling stone barn at Horsehill Farm.
The Whales Tooth is the third in the series. Jersey and Twinkle make an exciting discovery in the feed shed and Grandpa Dieselrat tells the exciting story of the day three ferocious pirates and a bad tempered whale swim up the river to the farmyard.
An ideal for reading to your children at bedtime.

Kindle edition only available.

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