The Lavender Witch

The first book in the Psychic Sisters series.

Tormented - Betrayed - Murdered
A chilling paranormal tale based on the true story of Hannah, witch of a small Devon village. Her corpse was found hanging from a tree near her remote cottage in the woods, killed by the Devil himself the locals said. And the proof? The strange mark on her forehead, a bruise in the shape of a cloven hoof, a sign that ‘Old Nick’ himself had claimed the witch’s soul.
But now, many years on, her story has all but been forgotten by the locals except for the elderly sisters, Queenie and Sybil.
And they have a very personal reason for remembering.
Was it a coincidence that Kitty and Gordon buy a house in the village? Or was it fate?
Within days of moving in she begins to feel a ghostly presence in the house, terrified, she seeks the sisters advice, the seemingly innocent looking women know more about Kitty and the ghost than they are letting on.
What secrets are they keeping and why?
The details of the witch’s horrific murder is finally revealed, and much to Kitty’s shock so is the amazing occult powers of The Psychic Sisters, Queenie and Sybil.
With their help the murderer of the innocent Hannah is finally brought to justice and Kitty realises why she was drawn back to the village and how her own history is entwined with the fate of the witch.
It was no coincidence that brought Kitty to the village and it was ultimately her arrival in Medbury that set the terrifying events in motion.

This is the first book in the Psychic Sisters series.


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